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Location: Kolkata, India

Area: 21 acres

Market: Educational

Service: Architecture, Interiors, Landscape, Planning


Prithvi Technology Hub is a public state university that was established in 1856. This expansion was devided up into two phases to minimise impact on students and faculty and allow for a smooth transition into the new buildings. The two phases are separated by a central spine that moves diagonally across the plot in a free flowing manner. The building gradually rise along the spine to emphasize the organic movement. Interspersed landscaped terraces increase the open natural activity space.The first phase consists of a science auditorium,reception area, digitized library, science park, administration block, legal cell, cafeteria, satellite & radio communications room, IT hub, agricultural/medical college, research cells & labs, printing & publications area, workshops & service centers, educational window bazzar hut, and a multi-media technology unit. The second phase consists of hostel accommodation, accommodation for faculty, houses for guest scientists & officers, and a delegates house.


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