Status: On Going

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Client: Chatur Group of Companies

Market: Mixed-use

Service: Architecture, Interiors, Planning


In The Media:

DP2 is a high end vertical mall located on a small urban plot. The facade mixes the transparency of glass with and ACP designer grills to leave a distinctive mark on the rising skyline. The ground level features a supermarket and several smaller retail store to activate the ground plane and draw shoppers up into the higher levels. A bridge connecting the second floor to a hotel serves to draw additional customers in. Parking is spread out between the first through ninth floors; allowing shoppers to park closest to the stores they intend on visiting. The 10th floor is the entertainment center of the building with a small amusement park. The amusement park contains an indoor stream with boating, a roller coaster, go carts, a bowling alley, and more. A food court mezzanine level overlooks the amusement park and provides a view of the entertainment below. The 11th floor houses a casino, 4 restaurants, and 4 screening areas that can hold up to 130 people each. The 12th floor is divided up among a large banquet hall and several smaller meeting rooms. The 14th floor features a gourmet revolving restaurant that offers dinners a 360° view of the surrounding forests and cityscape. Finally, VIP guests can arrive via the 15th floor helipad.





(2014 October)

Society Interiors

Society Interiors

(2014 January)